Community Village, Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines 


Villa Milagros Mansion and Gardens has become the best wedding venue in Rizal today because we provide an outstanding services and useful amenities. It does not only give you the beautiful venue for your prenup shoots, garden weddings, or corporate and other social events, but it also ensures that you will be having the best experience on your special day.

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The Milagros Suite

The main attraction of the mansion aside from its gardens and venues is its rooms. Its Milagros Suite will make you experience the modern-classic—as you will be caught by the elegance of its 1960s feels but with a more modern look. This is an ideal place for the bride to stay and have some private moments before she walks down the aisle to say “I do” to her beloved husband-to-be.


The Dedicated and Warm Staff

The beauty of this perfect wedding and events venue lies not only in its splendid architecture, design, and landscaping but also with the spirit of the people behind the Villa. Its management and staff are not only professional, dedicated and passionate people. They also run this business by heart. Since every event or shoot is unique and different, Villa Milagros Mansion and Gardens’ staff ensure that all needs are taken care of, so that the client’s dream event or shoot truly becomes a reality. This is the brand of service of the Villa Milagros—every client is treated as family, as it is the spirit of the mansion itself, when Isidoro gifted it to his loving wife, Ma. Milagros.

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Rooms for Overnight and On-the-Day Needs

Aside from the Milagros Suite, the Liamzon family home has four spacious bedrooms on the 2nd floor that can be rented for your overnight and on-the-day of your event. Our rooms can serve as the groom’s room or a resting space for the couple’s family and friends as they wait for the big event to happen—the tying of the knots of the couple in one of the gardens or the North Wing of this affordable wedding venue near Quezon City. What is great about our rooms is that they have balconies that enable you to see the splendor of The Mansion’s Gardens, which are of course, very ideal for your garden wedding.

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The Driveway

The Mansion’s dramatic driveway serves as the dropping point for you and your guests before you can fully enjoy the villa’s magnificent and classic courtyards, gardens, rooms, and halls. The Mansion’sMirador serves as its “guardian,”—welcoming those who want to explore—and enjoy—the beauty of this affordable wedding venue. The VIP parking for one car is at the Mansion’s portico while the guests can enjoy the convenience of our huge parking area, specifically designed to accommodate a certain number of vehicles.


The Dining Room

The impressive original dining room of this affordable wedding venue may also be used for dining and as editing area for your videographers and photographers. The grilled windows can also give you a peep of the marvelous gardens of the Mansion, giving the viewer that serene and nostalgic feeling.


The Exterior Walkways and the Villa’s Magnificent Gardens

Truly a haven for photographers and videographers, the roofed exterior walkways give all visitors a chance to take a look of the Villa’s magnificent gardens, which can serve as a venue for your dream garden wedding. Featured in some online wedding magazines, the Mansion’s gardens—Delia’s and Cristina’s Garden and Veranda—are landscaped and designed to cater one’s photo and video needs. For those who already have visited the Mansion will truly say that the place is indeed, Instagrammable. Because of this, Villa Milagros Mansion and Gardens is now considered one of the best wedding venues in the Philippines today.

If you are looking for the best wedding venue that is affordable and beautiful, Villa Milagros Mansion and Gardens is definitely the perfect garden venue or events venue for you. Book Now!